10 Ideas for Your Deck Lighting

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Decks are an enjoyable, relaxed haven in the home for families and friends to eat, grill, sit around and talk, or simply watch the sky. Maximize the use of your deck with appropriate deck lighting. Here are some popular deck lighting ideas:

  • Lighting for your deck stairs. This not only looks snazzy, it also provides added safety for those walking along your steps at night. 

  • String lights. We all need a little more festivity in our lives, and string lights for your deck are an inexpensive way to turn the fun up a notch.

  • Lighting on your deck floor. This adds an elegant touch and makes it easier to see when walking.

  • Recessed lighting. This is a great option if your deck has an overhead covering and provides your deck users with additional light while eating or enjoying the outdoors.

  • Lighting for your deck railing. Deck railing lighting can be placed in many ways and adds a unique look to your deck. 

  • Railing posts deck lighting. With this approach, the lighting appears on top of your deck’s rail posts. You’ll shed lots of light—literally—on your deck.

  • Lighting that change color. These can give your deck a different mood. Kids usually love the color changes.

  • Lighting that is part of an overhead ceiling fan. This does the dual duty of cooling down your deck and providing light.

  • Motion-activated lighting. This may be an option you’d choose on a stairwell or other areas of the deck where you don’t necessarily want lighting all of the time—but you want to know it’ll turn on when someone is nearby. 

As you consider deck lighting, think about some general lighting trends, including lighting that is eco-friendly, lighting that is solar-powered, and lighting that you can control remotely. Arbor Illuminations can help guide you through the best options available right now in these areas. Arbor Illuminations also can advise you on the best lighting level for various lighting components on your deck. For instance, you want lighting that’s bright enough to add a mood or help everyone see better, but not so bright that your neighbors will complain when your lights are on.


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