5 Ideas to Add Lighting to Your Dock

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Make your boat dock an inviting and safer place to be by adding the right lighting. Here are five ideas for better dock lighting.

  • Let there be light….at the water’s edge. Adding light near or under the water that is right beside your dock can give your dock a dramatic look. However, it will also make it easier for boaters to see your dock at night. Another bonus: The right lighting in the water can help attract fish!

  • Add specially colored lights to show where boaters should steer the boat. For instance, if boaters should steer the boat to a specific side, you can add a colored light or two to help identify that area.

  • Consider the right lighting choices for docks. Naturally, you’ll want lighting material that is water- and salt-resistant. You’ll also want to think about lighting source options, such as solar-powered lighting. Solar is a potentially great option if your dock is in the sun all day.

  • Think about motion-activated lighting. This could be an ideal choice if your dock is located near other docks, and you don’t want any too-bright lighting to annoy your dock neighbors. Motion-activated lighting will illuminate only when you or someone else is actually using your dock.

  • For a finished look, try flush mounted lighting. This is the sort of lighting that is installed flat on the surface of your dock. In fact, dock visitors can walk right on the lighting. This makes the lighting less noticeable while still providing proper illumination.

When choosing lighting options for your dock, it’s always helpful to consult with lighting experts who know the right dock voltage required and who can share a voice of experience. Let Arbor Illuminations guide you to the light for better dock lighting.

Arbor Illuminations Sheds Light on Your Beautiful Dock

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