Lighting around the pool

7 Tips for Landscape Lighting In and Around a Pool

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Ahhh…..your pool. If you think about it right now, you can probably feel how refreshing the water is, combined with the feeling of the sun on your skin. You may even be reading this article while sitting poolside. Whether you’ve had a pool for a long time, you’ve added a pool recently, or you’re just dreaming about getting a pool, one thing you’ll want to consider is the right pool lighting. Pool lighting increases safety around your pool and also gives your pool a special look.

Here are a few places you may want to consider adding light in and around your pool:

1. Lights for trees near the pool. This can help give your pool-adjacent landscape a magical look.

2. Walkways to the pool. Lighting along walkways can provide added safety.

3. Decks. There are many lighting ideas available for the decks and lanais that are located beside pools. Take some time to explore the creative, beautiful lighting options.

4. More lighting in the pool itself. Pool companies might typically use one or two lights in the pool, but consider if you might benefit from additional lighting.

5. Lights for pool waterfalls. This can add some real beauty!

6. For small plants and landscaping items around your pool, well-placed lighting can provide an attractive look.

7. Lighting for a pool sculpture or design. The right lighting can make it pop.

Remember, you can also use colored lights in and around your pool to create a mood or add a festive touch for different holidays.

There are so many lighting options, it can be hard to know what to select. Work with a trusted landscape lighting professional to help you select the best pool-related lighting for your needs. Your lighting professional also can make sure to set up a lighting look that fully complements your yard and adds safety.

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