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6 Trends in Landscape Lighting


Better landscaping lighting can elegantly beautify your home. To keep your home the most beautiful one on the block, consider these 5 current landscaping lighting trends.

1. Color-changing lighting. If you want to further personalize the look and feel of your landscaping, then color-changing lighting is a great option. The different colors can give your home a unique look and give your home a resort-type feel.

2. Lighting that’s eco-friendly. There’s a huge push in landscaping toward eco-friendly choices, and the same holds true for landscape lighting. More and more lighting is LED, which is energy-efficient and can last a lot longer than traditional lighting.

3. Solar-powered lighting. Along the lines of eco-friendly trends is the use of solar-powered lighting, which allows you to use the Earth’s natural resources to power your landscape lighting in Southwest Florida. You also may be surprised by the affordable cost of solar-powered lighting.

4. Lighting you can control smartly. As more appliances can be controlled with the help of an app on your phone, there’s also a big push to control outdoors lighting easily. With the help of these “smart” controls, you can set a lighting schedule or even set a mood for your outdoors lighting—say, by having more or less light for personalized control.

5. Lights on stairs and walking paths. With a growing emphasis on safety and a large number of aging baby boomers in Florida, homeowners are looking for more ways to make their home safe. That’s why better illumination on outdoor stairwells and along walking paths is now officially a trend. 

6. Better security lighting. It seems like just about everyone has a security camera outside their home nowadays. To help accompany the focus on security cameras, there’s also a growing interest in security lighting, some of which is as simple as a do-it-yourself motion-sensor light connected to your camera; other times, it’s a more elaborate system.

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